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January 29 - 31, 2018
New York City

Jason Saltzman

CEO & Co-Founder
Jason Saltzman began his business career in the real estate marketing in 2003, and left to work as a business consultant in the Miami, Florida area after the real estate crash of 2008. His work was focused on the use of technology to market real estate assets, and after the crash Saltzman became involved in the creation of multiple technology start-ups. Upon moving from Miami to New York City, Saltzman founded Alley NYC, a co-working space in New York City that provides working space for companies or business individuals looking for work space but who do not want to rent a space purely to themselves. Saltzman hosts a technology incubator in the space as well, which includes hackathons where computer programmers spend the entire weekend developing new projects. Entrepreneur Magazine wrote of the space that, "AlleyNYC provide a home for startups [and] it offers amenities, like yoga and free hosting through cloud company Rackspace. There's also a speaker series and professionals, such as lawyers, eager to provide advice to entrepreneurs." On Bloomberg TV, Saltzman stated that there are also venture capital office hours for start-ups to gain advice about how to monetize their ideas. Other companies that Saltzman has founded include Bizodo, a paperwork automation start-up. His coworking space also runs Startup pitch competitions with Techstars. In 2017 Alley began partnering with Verizon, and opened the Alley, Powered by Verizon co-working space that June. Saltzman is also a member of the United States Department Speaker and Specialist Program, receiving a 2014 grant from the program to participate in an entrepreneurship seminar in Kuwait City, where he presented on entrepreneurship to a nation where ninety percent of workers are employed by the government. He has contributed articles to periodicals including Entrepreneur Magazine, with whom AlleyNYC has partnered, and the Wall Street Journal.

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