22 - 25 January, 2018
New York City

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Office of the Future - Part 1 Wearables and Augmented Reality

Here is a sample report by ASD Reports showing that wearables and augmented reality are two technologies that look poised to empower the worker of tomorrow to be extraordinarily efficient and productive through contextual computing capabilities. Revolution in the enterprises is likely to depend more on industry specific applications than on hardware.

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Workplace Design Techniques Video Interview with Tumblr

In this exclusive video, we visited Tumblr's New York Office, and sat down with Megan Leet, Head of Office Experience & Events at Tumblr. She spoke about creating a space to reflect company culture, the importance of flexibility and mobility in the workplace, and discussed some of the additions that bring employees closer together.

Credit Suisse NYC Workplace Innovations

Ahead of this year’s Future Offices New York event we were invited into the NYC offices of Credit Suisse to take a first-hand look at their workplace design, and speak with Michelle Lindgren, VP, Americas Lead Workplace Strategy, Planning & Innovation at Credit Suisse.

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Reports & Studies

Learn About 3 Different Approaches to Workplace Transformation

This report, will explore how professionals are enabling new ways of working through: generating innovation through technolgy; elevating the role of change management in workplace transformation; learning from challenges along the way to prepare for future workplace trends.


Small business BIG design ideas

After hearing from Devorah Rosner, Director of Workplace, Guidespark on the topic of future offices and planning, we received some great feedback and advice for those in a position of transformation and how to get the job done from a small business perspective.

Expert Strategies For Improving your Workplace

As the Senior Director of Global Real Estate and Facilities at Concur Technologies, Al Kinisky, makes it his mission to enable employees to get the most out of their workplace. “Understand what will attract people to your office and prioritize them,” Al remarked, when asked what advice he’d give to a company who is just beginning to adopt a “modern” workplace design.


Choosing Choices for Your Workplace

A standard list of employment benefits for most companies often includes the usual suspects: Competitive salaries, retirement plans, dependable insurance plans, travel stipends, and bonuses tend to appear on the list. But today’s workplace offers more than the employment package your parents valued. Choice in the workplace is extolled as one of the greatest benefits an employer can offer staff. Courtesy of www.interiorarchitects.com.

The Chicken and the Egg, or Amenity Design and Corporate Culture

Workplace amenities, both large and small, are helping shape and define corporate culture. Amenities in the past were fairly simple—cafeteria and conference center, and maybe a fitness center or on-site childcare. Today, companies are giving more thought to extra offerings, from laundry services to bowling alleys. Courtesy www.interiorarchitects.com

The Scrappy, Happy Office: Healthy and Hackable

Today’s workplace can incorporate highly open, collaborative, and strongly themed environments. Tech companies add to this mix an exaggerated sense of play, whimsy, and saturated colors; an overdone trend that has resulted in a public dialogue around the lack of focus, privacy, and individual place. Courtesy of www.interiorarchitects.com.

Can We Design for Happiness in the Workplace?

How can we design workplace environments that incorporate properties that contribute to happiness levels? Similar to Hatfield’s emotional contagion theory, people tend to self-select a workplace where the mission and values of the company resemble their own. Courtesy of www.interiorarchitects.com.

Designing For Fiber In Audio And Video Distribution Installations

When it comes to the world of IT infrastructure, “category cabling” (Cat5, Cat6, etc.) is undoubtedly king. It is cost effective and easy to terminate, and its ubiquity only leads to more ubiquity in the marketplace. That’s why manufacturers have found ways to use twisted pair cabling for the distribution of audio and video, whether that is over the network or for “point-to-point” distribution from a transmitter to a receiver.


4 New Trends in Office Design

Check this piece to find out some examples of offices that have made the important design choice to help: Promote Collaboration & Community; Promote a mobile & flexible workplace; Focus on employee well-being & health, and Incorporate third spaces

Case Studies

Inside Look at a Workplace Transformation

This case study will, Daniel Mickan, Senior Manager, Operations & Engagement, Westpac, explorest he key strategies Westpac is using to transition employees to the new WorkSMART environment, the key steps they have taken to ensure this new way of working sticks and the benefits they have realized following the transition.

Exclusive Content

The Office Spaces Of 2020

An interactive glimpse of tomorrow's offices. This content will show you what companies like Cisco, Canon and Ikea have done through the use of renovation, adaptive reuse and new construction, which propelled their work-spaces into the future standard. 

Top 10 Trends Influencing Workplace Design

Here's a list of the top 10 trends that are influencing design in the workplace by HOK, a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. They study behavioral science, organizational design, change management, performance metrics, demographics and technological advances.


Transforming your Work Environments to Keep Up With the Speed of Change

Sara Baldi, Vice President of Global Workplace at McKesson, discusses the past transformations of offices, What is currently changing for state of workplaces, people in the workplace, trends in how people are most comfortable working, and more!

Creating Future Work Spaces that Transform Company Culture

Barry Lamm from LivePerson shows examples of future office space design, and presents on company culture, creating meaningful connections, and different examples of culture driven features.

Case Study: Successfully set up the ABW journey

In this presentation by David Goldsworthy, Program Director at THRIVE, You will see firsthand how to set up an activity-based working journey. Goldsworthy will present on understanding technology requirements for activity-based learning, selecting, adapting and shaping your ABW solution. 

ABW: A point in time or continual evolution?

In this presentation by Amanda Stanaway, Principal at Woods Bagot, she focuses on capitalising on your existing ABW to improve and adapt to the ever evolving workforce. Also establishing a culture of continuous workplace analysis and improvement, ensuring optimum use and allocation and much more.

Value Proposition of Future Office Designs

Leonard (Len) Anderson is a recently retired corporate real estate executive for Kimberly-Clark Corporation, he discussed making a business case for space upgrades and redesign, reviews a financial evaluation example, discusses “Soft” benefits and ways to capture improvements, and more.

Workplace Strategy: Work is not just a place, it's an experience

Emily Neff, Program manager at CBRE, shows findings after speaking with employees about their needs, and speak about connecting the vision to the business needs, sweating the small stuff, it's all about paper, and more!

The Start-up Perspective

Devorah Rosner, Director of Workplace Services at GiudeSpark, discusses the hierarchy of basic needs, millennials or the law of attraction? and putting it all together.


7 Factors of Great Office Design

Take a look at the 7 attributes of workspaces to identify your company’s desired way of working before embarking on an office design project. Courtesy of Harvard Business Review. 

Serraview: Managing Workplace Utilization

Utilization data helps workplace teams understand how their workplace portfolio is used in reality (as opposed to on paper). This data allows you to make fact-based decisions when looking at space requirements, for both everyday requests and for longer-term capacity planning.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies that can be used to collect workplace utilization data. We’ll cover capabilities including the level of precision, capturing user identity, workforce coverage and much more, and guide you to choose the technology that’s right for you.

Serraview: 5 Critical Comparison Points For Evaluating Workplace Management Software

If you're actively looking for space management software you've probably already discovered the significant differences in scope, design, technology and ease of implementation across the market. And yet, these factors can greatly affect the value you can expect to gain from using the tool. So how do you make sense of all the options? This guide was designed to help you focus your evaluation on the key points that are proven to drive results, including:

  • The critical reporting features that proactively drive cost-effective space planning changes in your organization.
  • Design and usability features that make data entry simple, reducing training time and speeding implementation.
  • What to look for to ensure data integrity as your organization changes over time

Huddle Room Audio Visual System Solutions for Business

The huddle room is a small room or breakout area with a table, phone, white board and a few chairs. It's the venue of choice for people who just need a quiet place to get together and collaborate. Wouldn't it be great if you could outfit such a room with control and automation technology so people could view content from a laptop or iPad on an LCD display or perhaps access the internet or conduct a web conference – without breaking the bank?

Conference Room Audio Visual System Solutions for Business

The conference room is the heart and soul of your business, where you hold important client and internal meetings and make critical business decisions. It's also where you need the right mix of technology so meeting attendees and presenters can effectively collaborate. Wouldn't it be great if you could present content from virtually any source, collaborate with participants from across the globe, and easily share information from tablets, smartphones and other devices?

Boardroom Audio Visual System Solutions for Business

The boardroom is where decisions are made that affect the future of the company. Whether it's a senior leadership meeting or a presentation to a top prospect or partner, the events that occur in the boardroom are some of the most important in the enterprise. It's no surprise, then, that the entire boardroom space, even the technology, is designed to reinforce a company’s confidence and strength. That's why many Fortune 100 companies turn to AMX for their boardroom solutions.